Buying a Pharmacy

While you might be a first time buyer, at Guild Accountants we have bought dozens of pharmacies, so let our experience work for you.

Through our Pharmacy Buyer solution, we offer buyers a fixed-fee service for transactions that proceed, with a “no success-nominal charge” policy.

Our experience will ensure that you:-

  • Pay the right price for the pharmacy
  • Have the right pharmacy business structure to suit your circumstances·
  • Get the right commercial terms into your pharmacy lease and contract·
  • Get the right deal with your bank and can afford the loan for your pharmacy·
  • Know where you will stand after the first five years of ownership of your pharmacy·
  • Meet the requirements of the Pharmacy Board and the ACPA if necessary

Buying a pharmacy is a lengthy and involved transaction. Having the right adviser in your corner will ensure you go through the experience smoothly.

Relocating a Pharmacy

Location rules are set down by the Federal Government and administered by the Australian Community Pharmacy Authority (the ACPA).

The ACPA has very little discretion and if you wish to relocate your pharmacy or acquire a pharmacy number and move it, it is very important that you meet the exact requirements of the rules.

With our 100% success rate, Guild Accountants can ensure that you: ·

  • Apply under the correct rule that suits your circumstances·
  • Collate the exact information required by the ACPA·
  • Submit documents on your behalf on time and manage your application·
  • Work with Guild Lawyers who are also experienced in this area if there are difficult problems to solve or an appeal is necessary

Relocating a pharmacy requires attention to detail to ensure you get it right the first time.

Having an application rejected means you may delay the opening of your pharmacy with sufficient rights to dispense medicines under the PBS.

Want more information about buying or relocating a pharmacy? Contact the Guild Accountants Pharmacy team on 1800 101 296 or email

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