GA Pharmacy Services

Guild Accountants over the last 20 years have developed a keen knowledge of the pharmacy industry. With indepth understanding we offer innovative best practices to guide your business transactions, develop effective structures for optimum management and to maximise your financial gain.

By working with you to increase your business’ profitability, manage compliance risks, minimise tax and maximise after-tax cash flow, we aim to build retained profits to further grow your business and invest for the lifestyle you desire.

“We can demonstrate time and again that our experience in the industry saves pharmacists money, improves the profitability of their businesses and ultimately increases their wealth”

Peter Saccasan, Director of Pharmacy Services, Guild Accountants

Meet the Guild Accountants Pharmacy Team

GA – Passionate about the Industry we work in

  • Peter Saccasan, Director of Pharmacy Services, is currently a national director of the Australian College of Pharmacy
  • GA is a recognised pharmacy valuer and is a member of the valuation panel for all the major banks
  • Peter assists in lectures in Pharmacy Management at tertiary institutions
  • GA contributes regularly with articles in all of the regular industry publications.

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