The Guild Accountants Story

Guild Accountants (GA), or as it was known then Saccasan Bailey Partners (SBP), was founded by Bruce Bailey and Peter Saccasan in 1992. SBP started out as a small inner city Chartered Accountancy Practice providing strategic advice to small privately owned businesses.

After a couple years it was seen that there was a need for specialist  70-411 business advice and benchmarking in the Pharmacy Industry. SBP continued on the pharmacy path for a few years and then found that the same knowledge gap also fell in other health/care orientated industries such as Aged Care, Childcare and Veterinary. In  certification response to this SBP created specialised teams to work with clients and their particular needs, and thus gained an in-depth understanding of these dynamic industries. During that time SBP Financial Services (Now part of Guild Financial Services) was also created.

In 2006 SBP joined Guild Group Holdings. This was a natural collaboration as SBP and Guild where both working in the same niche industries and held similar values and visions. In January of 2009 SBP officially became Guild Accountants and even though the name changed the mission didn’t. GA is still supporting their clients by gaining further insights and understanding of the changing needs of there clients and remaining innovative in their ways. This story is of course to be continued…..

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